About Prota s.r.o

Company was established : 18.05.2006
Address: Mäsiarska 16/296 ,Levoča 054 01
ICO : 36 607 533
DICO : 2022198486
Main business activity: Engineering services and consultancy
Complementary business activity: Retail, Real estates

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Web design :

Before we do anything, we want to listen to you talk about your business, your goals, your vision and your customers. Then we ask you lots and lots of questions and, hopefully, get to answer some as well.  Only when we’re all happy that what you really want is what you really need do we start putting pen to paper.

The point is that we love designing beautifully effective websites and there’s a lot of work to do before we start. If a job’s worth doing let's do it properly.


Web development :

We also offer complete web development capabilities, from creating a simplest static single page of plain text to complex web-based internet applications, electronic businesses and social network services. So whether you have an idea for an online business, plan to grow an existing business online or just want to update your own website, well… we can help you do it.



Content management systems make it easy for you to change, add or take away whatever you like, whenever you need to. Keeping your website fresh, interesting and updated gives people even more reasons to come back.
We can provide you with a web-based CMS that gives you the ability to effortlessly change text, images, documents and links without having to pay us to do it for you.

Print design :

We've got experience in designing logo , brochures, leaflets, ads, business cards, letter-heads and probably anything else you'd care to mention.

The great advantage of this is you get everything done by the same people, so your print and digital communications all look like they're part of the same family.

Pay per click :

How to get your website notice ?

One solution is to start a paid search marketing campaign – also known as Pay Per Click (PPC), paid listings, sponsored listings and search engine marketing. In a nutshell it’s the paid for link that appears at the top or on the right hand side of a search results page.

It works like this: As a business owner (or advertiser) you pay a certain amount of money every time someone clicks on your ad. How much you pay will depend very much on the keywords you use in your ad and how popular they are. The more competition there is for keywords the more you will have to pay if you want your ad to get precedence over one posted by a competitor. For example, a prominent PPC ad for an online travel company would probably cost a lot more than a PPC ad for a company that sells original matchbox cars – because the latter is a niche market and competition for keywords is not as fierce.