About Prota s.r.o

Company was established : 18.05.2006
Address: Mäsiarska 16/296 ,Levoča 054 01
ICO : 36 607 533
DICO : 2022198486
Main business activity: Engineering services and consultancy
Complementary business activity: Retail, Real estates

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Transmission network planning

Covers planning and optimization and project management of transmission telecommunication networks (Basic sub system and Core network) Our consultant has 8 years of experience with building transmission network in one of the biggest mobile operators in industry. Has knowledge of all leading technologies of variety of suppliers. Understands issues coming from migration toward IP and business issues regarding services requirements and business cost. Has deep knowledge of quality issues like availability, security and synchronisation.

  • Capacity planning
  • MW planning (SDH, PDH)/a>
  • Wireless (IR, PMP, laser link)
  • Least Line,International least link
  • Network synchronisation planning
  • Strategy network planning

Transport network quality auditing

  • Analysis of network capacity, forecast preparation
  • Availability and security audit
  • Synchronisation audit