About Prota s.r.o

Company was established : 18.05.2006
Address: Mäsiarska 16/296 ,Levoča 054 01
ICO : 36 607 533
DICO : 2022198486
Main business activity: Engineering services and consultancy
Complementary business activity: Retail, Real estates

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Project management

Project management includes developing a project plan for project phases: project planning, implementation, evaluation and support/maintenance. Definition of project goals and objectives, specifying tasks or how goals will be achieved, what resources are need, and associating budgets and timelines for completion. Implementation of the project plan, along with careful controls to stay on the "critical path", that is, to ensure the plan is being managed according to the plan.

  • Project planning:
      Feasibility planning
      Long term strategy planning
      Preparation of Project plan, budget
      Coordination of project’s team
      Tendering, preparation of RFI, RFQ


  • Implementation:
      Cost, Quality Control
      Risk management
        Project Completion & Hand-over


  • Evaluation and support/maintenance:
      Project evaluation
      Operational Procedures Manual